You can use the Microsoft ODBC Text driver to access flat files and perform
SQL Queries on it - can be REALLY slow on big files though (no indexes) :(

Alternatively - write a script that pulls the flat file into a proper
database table :)

Hope this helps

Richard Allsebrook
Applications and Web Development

"John Negretti" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hello All,

I am somewhat new to PHP and I have a question relating to FLAT FILE
databases.  First let me give an introduction to my question.

I used to work at a company ( where we developed our own
scripting language "Miva Script", so my only experience with PHP was for
comparison and such.  The company was not doing so good and was barley
afloat, so I left.  In my efforts to find a new scripting language I choose
PHP over ColdFusion, even though Miva Script was so similar to ColdFusion.
I am loving PHP, I never realized just how extensive PHP is.  Now I am at a
big company where "red tape" has to be dealt with before I could get access
to a database server.  With the Miva Script language it has it's own
built-in database (dBASE-DBF), so databases were never a problem with web
development.  So, I am stuck with either using PHP and finding a solution
"or" reverting to Miva Script, which I do NOT want to do, of course I want
to stay with PHP.  I have been doing some research on and such
and have not found too much information on PHP with Flat File or DBF
databases.  I did find some PHP scripts working with Flat File databases,
but not really what I need.  Does anyone have any suggestions, or is PHP
mostly just for MySQL and such.

I am developing some PHP classes/functions that are utilizing "file()" and
"array()" to read and edit my flat files.  It's not perfected yet and I am
running into difficulties here and there and this is why am I asking for any
opinions or comments on available resources.  When I get done with it I'll
post it for free at (my personal site).  Well, I do give
thanks in advance for any help.

NOTE: I think PHP is a great language and I do hope to stick with it.  There
are many great resources like, and
the extensive documentation at  Thanks to all that help us new
PHP developers.

John Negretti
Web Applications Developer
Cox Communications

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