You can open the DBF file in Excel and the first column is the name, so if
you want to know the structure you can use DBU.exe that is included in

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> Hi there.
> I'm not familiar with DBF files, or the PHP dbase functions.  I've
> found (very) few code snippets on the Web about DBF files...a class
> on PHP classes and a couple of other brief mentions elsewhere.
> I have a question:  I was given a DBF file that I don't know the
> structure of.  Is there any way to read the column names and find out
> what they are, or do I need to have someone send me a description of
> the table structure before I can work with their file?
> I assumed I could just read the structure, and then print the column
> names out or smething, but I can't seem to find any examples of that.
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