Thank you all for your help :)
I found a script that needs som rewriteng (got permission to:) )

Chers :)

"Joran" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi!
> Im new to PHP programming and need some help,
> I want to put an event calendar on my site...
> Functions I would like:
> Customizeable, so i can make it fit my design
> Calendar view:
> A small month view on the side with clickabel days to view the event for
> that day.
> Event view:
> Date, time, event
> Admin site with login:
> Add events
> I would like this to run with a mySql database.
> Is there anyone her who happens to have a script like this??
> Anyone wants to make it??
> Or anyone got a link for one that maches my request??
> Please help...
> Joran Sorbo :: Norway

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