Hi all,

im trying to retrieve data from my db (postgresql) and display it (an ad).
now when i don't try to enter it to a display code of flash ("embed src=..." and so 
on) it display the flash fine just in the biggest proportion it can get and it 
overwrite on the rest of the html.
when i tried to take the data and insert it into the embed src (at the flash code with 
the right porporties) as a file (swf extension) it display the swf file but only as a 
white squre with the right measures as i gave it at the code (it also doesnt overwrite 
the rest of the html) but it wont display the clip itself!

can anyone help me with this or just give me a link to related info?

Thanks in advance,
Ben-Nes Yonatan


first time that i use newsgroups for such things... so.. if i did something wrong just 
notify me :P

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