Hi All

I have created a function and insde that function it dose a standard
select, fetch_arry, while loop.

I get a error from mysql saying not a vaild resource but if I take the
statemnet out of the function all works fine and dandy.

Are there things I should be aware of when trying to include mysql
statements inside a function?

I have include my code here if it helps.

function getnames(){
 $gnlistsql = "select name from $tbn2";
 $gnlistres = mysql_query($gnlistsql);
 while($nlist = mysql_fetch_array($gnlistres)){
 $nlistop = "<option value=\"$nlist[name]\">$nlist[name]</option>";
 $nlistsel = "<select name=\"getname\">$nlistop</select>";
 echo $nlistsel;

There error is reported back in the while line...

Any help or advice is appreciated as always.

P.S reason for the fuction is that I will call the select a name list a
few times so I thought of making it a function then calling it when

Thank You

Dave C

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