On Thursday 24 October 2002 19:39, Chris Grigor wrote:
> If you look further down where I print
> print "<tr><td>$row->Routine_Tests_Count</td>";
> The value $row->Routine_Tests_Count is various numbers that need to printed
> in sepearte columns (Test 1 test 2 etc). So this
> means I have to put it into an array to print??
> Could anyone direct me on how to print it into an array????

For each iteration of your while-loop you need to:

1) Open a new table row: 
   echo "<tr>";

2) Create a column and print out the contents for each field in your $row:
   echo "<td>$row->Routine_Tests_Count</td>";
   echo ...

3) Close the table row: 
   echo "</tr>";

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