Hi all, I'm having a problem inserting a value from a checkbox into a MySQL DB.  I can 
print out what the variable holds, the problem is it just won't go into the DB.  Weird 
thing is when I login to SSH there isn't a NULL value for it instead that field is 
just blank.

Anyone got any ideas what the problem is?

The HTML that is used for the checkbox is:  

Gift Wrapping: <input type=checkbox Name=GiftWrapping[] Value=\"Y\">

So it should theoretically insert "Y" into the DB

Here is the code that appears to be causing the problem:

     echo $GiftWrapping[$a];
     $GW = $GiftWrapping[$a]; 
     echo $GW;

    if ($Submit == "Submit") {
      $sql = "INSERT INTO SiteMember SET
                FirstName = '$FirstName',
                LastName = '$LastName'
                Username = '$Username',
                Password = '$Password',
                GiftWrapping = '$GW'";

Thank you in advance for any help.

Graeme :)

Public Sub House()

On Error Resume drink

         If Pint.empty = True Then
         End if

stomach.add Pint

MsgBox " I've had .... " & stomach.count & " Pints"

End Sub

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