if you have the following variables:

$path = your download directory path, relative to the webserver address. Like "http://www.yoursite.com/downloads/";.
$file = filename
$name = Name or description of file.

Just create your table, and in the proper cell, put:

echo "<a href=\"$path$file\">$name</a>";

The webserver and browser should take care of the rest.


At 09:51 PM 10/26/2002 +0100, Alex Francis wrote:
I am trying to download file stored in a directory on my server. The
information and the path to the file are stored in a MySQL database. This
information is then displayed in a table. I now need to link to the correct
file to download it and hav'nt a clue how to do it. Can someone help or
point me to a tutorial which shows how to do this.

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