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For instance, a series of checkboxes with items such as abjuration, conjuration, divination, and others, which will all have a numeric value which gets plugged into the enum field. for instance, if a user selected abjuration, and divination, it would be plugged into sql as 1, 3
Assuming your field is:

school enum( 'abjuration', 'conjuration', 'divination', ... ),

The database will return, 'abjuration,divination' in the example listed
above, and it will expect the same kind of string when setting the field
in an UPDATE or INSERT query.

(or however enum data is input into its column). That being the case how do i utilize php to get this to work? what kind of form elements etc... The problem im seeing with checkboxes are that they are discreet and dont group together, so i cant get all the data to go into one column in mysql. Hopefully i havent horribly confused the issue and some kind soul out there can tell me how to send this data across. As a double nice would you write it to pull the data back, convert 1, 3 to show abjuration, divination? Thanks for the help in advance.

To get the data in/out of the database you can do something like this:

Start with an array of possible choices, because you are going to
have to act on each possible choice.

$SchoolChoices = array( 'Abjuration', 'Conjuration', 'Divination', ... );

To setup the variables from the table for display. Note the value
from the database is in the string $School.

reset( $SchoolChoices );

while( list( , $Choice ) = each( $SchoolChoices )) {
$VarName = 'School' . $Choice;
$$VarName = ereg( $Choice, $School ) ? 'CHECKED' : '';

Now you can send the form displayed below with the values from
the database.

<FORM Method="GET" ...>

<INPUT Type="checkbox" Name="SchoolAbjuration" Value=<?=$SchoolAbjuration?>">
<INPUT Type="checkbox" Name="SchoolConjuration" Value=<?=$SchoolConjuration?>">
<INPUT Type="checkbox" Name="SchoolDivination" Value=<?=$SchoolDivination?>">


After the user enters the form, you can decode the fields and put the
data into a string for storage in the database with:

reset( $SchoolChoices );

$School = '';
while( list( , $Choice ) = each( $SchoolChoices )) {
if( 'on' == $_get( "School$Choice" )) {
$School .= ',' . $Choice;

$School = substr( $School, 1 );

Now you can INSERT/UPDATE the database with $School to set the enum field.

You can create the checkbox fields from $SchoolChoices with the following:

reset( $SchoolChoices );

while( list( , $Choice ) = each( $SchoolChoices )) {
$VarName = 'School' . $Choice;
echo "<INPUT Type=\"checkbox\" Name=\"$VarName\" Value=\"$$VarName\">";

For extra credit, figure out how you can create the $SchoolChoices array
from the output of the following query:

DESCRIBE TableName School;

(Yes you can send this to mysql_query, and get the possible values of the enum.)


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