I haven't done this directly, but I imagine the process would be similar to
working with images, and the same restrictions/rules of thumb would apply
regarding storing them in the db versus storing them on the filesystem, i.e.
store the flash files in the filesystem (save as an actual file) and then
just save a URL in the db to the location of the file.

then you either just drop that into your HTML to display it, or if the file
is saved outside your DocumentRoot for whatever reason, you would need to
send a header to say that you are about to pipe out some flash content (you
might need to check the mime-type for your files first to get this right),
then use readfile() or similar to read the file and spit out the contents.



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// From: Yonatan Ben-Nes [mailto:da@;canaan.co.il]
// Sent: Tuesday, 22 October 2002 4:25 AM
// Subject: [PHP-DB] displaying flash from db
// Hi all!
// Does anyone know where can i find some information about 
// displaying flash from a db? 
// I'm breaking my head over it, searching at newsgroups, 
// searching at the net, addressing newsgroups but still nothing!
// Help b4 im cutting my hands off!!!!!!!
// With hopes to be saved :P
// Yonatan Ben-Nes

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