Hi David,.

> Http authentication is probly  not what you would want to 
> use.  Especially if you want to program in timeouts, you 
> would be better off using session based login variables.  
> Cookies are even better with an encrypted pasword that has a 
> windows of time that you have to goto other pages to renew.
> Why HTTP auth?
> Is it mandatory?

Well its not mandatory i gues. I just thought that using
HTTP-Authentication was one of the more secure ways of a login system?
But i have heared not thats not the case, so i might go for a login
system with sessions instead, or cookies. What would u use and why? What
excactly do u mean with timeouts?
> I know this hasnt been any help, sorry!

Thats okay;-) Keeps the discusion alive;-)

Best regards,
Davy Obdam,

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