Hello all,

Apache/1.3.20 (Unix)
Redhat 7.2
Postgres 7.2.1

Summary: periodically, something spazzes out and causes connections to the
database to stop closing at script termination; after a few seconds, the
number of connections to the database exceeds the connection limit for
postgres and all further connections to the database are denied ... the only
way to rectify the problem is to stop and restart apache

I use pgsql_connect (non-persistent connections) ... so that doesn't explain
it ...

I have the connection limit for postgres set at 64 ... and the Apache
MaxClients set to 150 ...

I cannot replicate this problem on production nor testing hardware ... It
happens very sporadically and without any real warning (it has happened
twice so far) ... Generally, it happens when the site is busy, but not
busier than what I've thrown at it with load test software ...

If and when this happens again, what further debugging information can i
gather to help diagnose this problem?

Thanks in advance,

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