check the values of these variables

$rTemp = $HTTP_POST_FILES['replay_file']['tmp_name'];
        $rName = $HTTP_POST_FILES['replay_file']['name'];
        $rSize = $HTTP_POST_FILES['replay_file']['size'];

        // Define Replay Upload DIR and FILE name
        $rFile = $db_nextid."_".$HTTP_POST_FILES['replay_file']['name'];
        $rLoc = "files/war3-replays/$rFile";

they should contain some value , one more thing , mite be the case that
$HTTP_POST_FILES['replay_file']['tmp_name'] should be

do one thing, print_r($HTTP_POST_FILES); this should show you what that
array contains
Good Luck

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Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Am I doing This Right?

>        After I submit the file, it goes back to the form, even though in
> script, it says to go to the database and move the uploaded file to a new
> DIR.
>        It ignores it as if the file wasn't uploaded.
>        As for printing out the variables. All my important variables are
> $HTTP_POST_FILES and those are all null.

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