On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 15:01, Jason Wong wrote:
> On Sunday 03 November 2002 20:58, John Coder wrote:
> > > Try adding some error checking into your code (see manual examples) and
> > > using mysql_error() to find out what's going.
> >
> > What error checking to insert into this code I'm clueless. I found out
> Again, have a look at the examples in the manual (the MySQL functions 
> section). The example which starts the chapter shows quite explicitly how you 
> should
>   (i) establish a connection to the mysql server
>  (ii) select a database to query
> (iii) perform a query
>  (iv) display the results of the query
> And for good measure you should alter the die() statements to incorporate a 
> mysql generated error message:
>  die("xxxx...." . mysql_error());
 This all I have done and it generates no errors since it returns a
value althogh a boolean type as opposed to Array. Out of 4 different
queries this one is the one that returns a boolean. when I said I have
no idea how to generate an error message I meant how to generate a error
message concerning wrong type of return not no return. 
Sorry if I wasn't clear enough before.

John Coder
 PS everything goes at it should without this query. it's actually shoes
the same with or without the query. but this query is just to generate a
list of names for a graph. the graph itself is generated but the names

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