On Monday 04 November 2002 07:25, Graeme McLaren wrote:
> Hey all, I've had a bizarre experience.  When I uploaded a php script it
> worked fine and when I was looking through my code I found that it
> shouldn't have worked because two variables had been used instead of
> one.  What I'm meaning is, I used $Year and $year where I was just
> supposed to use $Year, the case insensitivity didn't seem to make a
> blind bit of difference.  I've corrected it now and the script runs as
> it did previously.
> Did PHP just correct this at run time?  Anyone know why this worked?

PHP is case-sensitive for variables. There are two possibilities:

1) Your code is buggy
2) PHP is buggy

I suspect it's the former :) but if you think it's the latter then post your 
code here.

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