> $sql = "select quarter($qdate)" or die("not work #3");
change to
$sql = "select quarter($qdate) as my_quarter"; //Added an alias to
quarter($qdate). Easier to access that way...
And there's no need for an 'or die()' here. You're just assigning a variable
and most likely this will allways work!

> $yyy = mysql_query ($sql) or die("not work #4");
change to
$yyy = mysql_query ($sql) or die("not work #4: " . mysql_error());
//Standard MySQL trouble-shooting...

> printf("<td><a href=\"%s?id=%s&delete=yes\">Delete</a></td>", 
> $myrow["id"]);
> printf("<td><a 
> href=\"%s?id=%s&submit=yes\">Update</td><td>%s</td><td>  
> %s</td><td>  %s</td></a></tr>", 
>       "update-inv.php", $myrow["id"], $myrow["name"], 
> $myrow["details"], $yyy);
and here you actually echo out the resource id instead of it's value...
change $yyy to $yyy["my_quarter"]


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