The or part should be in parens. Your bascialy saying grab everything
that has order_status='Shipped' and your date requirements, OR
everything where order_status is equal to 'Not Shipped'...

-- Josh

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Idea as to why this query won't work as expected?

Hi All,
I have a query like:
select * FROM OrderTable WHERE submitted=1 AND
dateinserted>='1036386000' AND dateinserted<='1036502796' AND
order_status='Shipped' OR order_status='Not Shipped'
Now.. if I omit the  "AND order_status='Shipped' OR order_status='Not
Shipped'" part the query works fine and only returns 2 results (as
expected). However, with the inclusion of the previous I get all the
results (currently 8) returned.
It seems to be ignoring everything before "AND order_status='Shipped' OR
order_status='Not Shipped'".
Any clues?
Much thanks!

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