Thanks Jeff,

I will give that a shot.
I am developing on windows but the server that will host the site is linux.

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You're close, from what i can see....
just remove teh [ ] after the userfile or account for the fact that it is
an array, but if you only have one file then you don't need it...and
secondly, you're not calling your file need to provide it a
name....unless it defautls to the tmp_name...but i usaully rename, so i
dno't know if that would work.

what platform are you working with?  If its windows you'll need two \\  and
if its *nix then use /


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I am playing with uploading files. The names will then be stored in the db.
I have a
simple form:

<form action="upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
  Send these files:<br>
  <input name="userfile[]" type="file"><br>
   <input type="submit" value="Send files">

Which calls a php file that just contains this:
copy($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'], "\ufiles\");

 This ufiles folder is under my htdocs folder in apache.  I have looked
through the help files in but am just not getting it today.  How do
I simply upload the file?  I tried to move uploaded file function but can't
seem to get that to work also....any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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