On Tuesday 05 November 2002 05:47, Graeme McLaren wrote:
> Hi, Anyone know how I can use two mysql_fetch_array() functions similar
> to the code below?  I've tried a few different ways but I keep getting
> Resource ID #4.  I need to do this to retrieve an email address from one
> table and retrieve details from another.
> Cheers for any tips - I'm stumped with this one,
> Graeme :)
> $query = "SELECT Name, Address FROM users";
> $query2 = "SELECT EmailAddress From Members";
> $result = mysql_query($query);
> $result2 = mysql_query($query2);
> while($details = mysql_fetch_array($result) and $Email =
> mysql_fetch_array($result2))
> {
>     echo "Name: $details[Name]";
>     echo "Address: $details[Address]";
>     echo "Email: $Email[EmailAddress]";
> }

Unless I've missed something you're going about this the wrong way. For what 
you want to do, you should (in general) be able to accomplish it using just a 
single query.

What fields do the tables 'users' and 'Members' contain? There should be a 
field there (like eg. userid) which links the two together. If there isn't 
one then you should seriously restructure your tables so that there is one.

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