I had the same problem until i found out that the distribution itself did not installed the required package php-mysql.rpm.
Find it in one of the cd's and install it.

Matt Symes wrote:

I've got PHP 4 working under Apache 2 on Linux Redhat 8 using the packages
that came with the Redhat 8 installation.

I can't get PHP to work with MySQL however. myphpadmin says that it cannot
load the MySQL extension. When I check my PHP settings with phpinfo I see
that it was compiled with the '--with-mysql=shared,/usr' option. I've tried
uncommenting the extension=mysql.so line in php.ini but that doesn't work.

Any ideas. I'm quite new to this game (although an IT professional in other
areas) so it's quite possible I'm missing something trivial.

Thanks in anticipation,

- Matt Symes

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