I was running a site on a dual 800 CPU, 1GB ram, dual mirrored 18GB drives,
doing about 16.8GB per day on average, including PHP/HTML code.

The system had several tables (~20), some regularly accessed, some not.
The biggest table was a log table of about 2.5+ million rows.  Ran reports
from it without a problem (as long as I wasn't sorting by date!).

Was able to run apache + php + mysql doing 1M page views a day, all
generated based on info in the DB.  Probably ran at about 150+ queries per
second all day long.  This was on FreeBSD, not Linux.  Hopefully this gives
you a bit of an idea.

As for 500 million records, if they are all in one table, that's something
I've never tried to do before!


On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Steve Vernon wrote:

> Hiya,
>     Just wondering what is the rough idea of speed of a server like this is
> holding a database with millions of records. I know its difficult, depends
> on the data stored etc.
>     Its basically storing an index int and about 5 or so char field (50
> long). In total I want to store 500 million records. Accessed using PHP.
>   a.. 2x Intel Pentium III 1260 CPU or higher
>   b.. 1 GB RAM
>   c.. 60 GB hard drive
>   d.. 20 GB traffic/month
>   e.. RedHat LInux 7.2
>     Ive read that its better to store the data in different databases on the
> same server?
>     Can someone please give me a rough idea of the speed and how many
> servers needed, my client wants to know how much it will cost to host the
> site.
>      Anyone have any experience with holding a lot in MySQL? Any idea of
> speed would be great.
>     Thanks,
>     Steve
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