It should be fairly easy.

Write a php script that loads your source file in memory and then
substitute your values, then save it to disk. There was a thread between
Jonathan Sharp and myself in the PHP mailing a week or so ago--if you
check the archives you should find it pretty easily--Jonathan's solution
was faster than mine.


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On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 11:50, Ryan Holowaychuk wrote:
> I am trying to do a search and replace into a text file that will then
> get saved to a new name once the info has been replaced.  
> So I have been able to do this with simple ..['name'] variable replace.
> But how do I get it to save the results into a text file.
> Program work Flow - for creating a PDF document online of a business
> card of a set document, Business card.  Go to site, put in your name,
> phone and other needed fields.  
> I have a PostScript file of the Business Card in the layout that we
> have. There is a replace that is done in the PS file for the name and
> other info.  And then the file is to be saved with the changes.
> Thanks
> Ryan
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