On Sun, 10 Nov 2002 04:12, you wrote:
> Hi there,
> I got this fustrating problem with postgresql & php.... can any one help???
> my postgresql installation is working fine with my perl application.  My
> php is working fine... however, my php don't seems to be able to connect to
> the postgresql.  I always get the unable to connect error... anyone knows
> what's wrong???
> I'm using postgresql 7.2.2, php 4.2 and redhat 8.0.  I've added support for
> pgsql and I've confirm that pqsql.so is loaded.

I had similar problems a while ago using Mandrake and connnecting via 
localhost. On my setup the user from php was apache. IIRC I ad to create the 
postgres user 'apache' and provide the necessary permissions on all tables 


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