Dear all

I am trying to create a basic calendar of events and all is working except for the 
following error:

I have a mySQL database with the following fields:

id - startdate - endate - title - event

I am using the followuing command to select the dates that are booked and colour code 
the relevant cells of the calendar:

$sql_currentday = "$year-$month-$zz";
$eventQuery = "SELECT title FROM prestigecal WHERE '$sql_currentday' BETWEEN startdate 
AND enddate;";
$eventExec = mysql_query($eventQuery);
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($eventExec)) {
if (strlen($row["title"]) > 0) {
echo "<td bgcolor=\"red\" valign=\"middle\" align=\"center\"><font size=\"1px\" 
$result_found = 1;

This seems to work and populates the calendar with the correct colours but only if the 
dates have the fist figure the same 

start date = 2002-12-16       end date = 2002-12-19   will populate the cells 
correctly (i.e. 16 / 17 / 18 / 19)

But if the dates are as follows:

start date = 2002-12-16     end date = 2002-12-20 it populates the correct dates again 
(i.e.  16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20) but also colour codes the date 2002-12-20 for some 

It seems to think that the 2 (of the 20) is a separate date.

This also applies when you go into other ranges e.g. 2002-12-25 to 2002-12-30 will 
populate correctly but also the 3rd

can anyone see what is going on with the script and where I have gone wrong.

If any further code of mine is required - just ask.

I would like to get this finish and then post it to the forum in case anyone else 
would like it

Thanks for your time


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