I am interested in the limits of MySql.

I have a site which is growing. The biggest tables are currently about 750K
but this will grow to the 3-10M record mark over the next 6 months. The
databases are well designed and are currently running smoothly on 2x1GHz
PIII and 512MB RAM.

I am planning and specifying hardware for the next phase of growth and had
assumed MySql would handle this size of table comfortably. What are the
problems to look out for?

Is it tables that have heavy write use that are prone to problems or are
read only tables a problem too?

The site has an abstraction layer so moving databases is not out of the
question, but would involve work and expense not currently budgeted for.

I am a moderately skilled DBA and we have the budget for hardware. I don't
anticipate going beyond 10M records and would rather stick with MySql unless
we are heading for big trouble.

Thoughts and advice appreciated


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