Hi There,

You could also use the getimagesize(); function for this

<img src=\"image01.jpg" ".image['3'].">";

This will give <img src="image01.jpg" width=" " height=" ">

Hope this helps

Best regards,
Davy Obdam

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> Van: milisphp [mailto:milis@;indoinformatika.com] 
> Verzonden: maandag 11 november 2002 7:38
> Onderwerp: [PHP-DB] Find out a pic size?
> Hi, 
> I'm working with a lot of picture in a website and the size 
> is not always the same.
> I need some help on how to find out the size (width and 
> height) of a picture. Is there any way to do this (especially 
> with PHP)? 
> I need it so I can calculate the width and height to be 
> specified on the HTML <img> tag.
> Thanks,
> Hansen
> IndoInformatika

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