Have you ran it by hand in MySQL from the command prompt with some test
data and gotten an error?


On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Steve Dodkins wrote:

> if i have a statement
> $result = mysql_query("SELECT
> labor_id,labor_ord_no,labor_wkyr,works_orders_part_no,works_orders_qty,works
> _orders_customer_id,labor_qty,labor_time,labor_qty*parts_time+parts_setup AS
> timea FROM labor,works_orders,parts WHERE labor_ord_no=works_orders_ord_no
> AND works_orders_part_no=parts_no AND time2 = labor_wkyr ORDER BY
> labor_wkyr,works_orders_ord_no",$link);
> This works fine but if i add AND timea > labor_time it fails
> Regards
> Steve Dodkins
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