put it inside a preg_split where you say that [?KR] in the brackets are the
possible identifiers, and the brackets are required.  that should work.

i.e $chunks = preg_split( "/[?KR]/", $string[query]);

THis would also work with split.

Something like that might work for ya....


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Hi All,

Need a little help with something.

I've created a Search Engine Tracking tool that allows me to measure ROI
from users that comes form search engines using specific keywords..

My problem is I forgot to capture a multiple of different "identifies"
that tell me where the keyword is.

To get the "identifier" I am using:

$chunks = explode( '&', $string[query]);

So for example.. Is this was my search query from the engine:


If would be entered into the Db because the keyword "identifier" is the
& sign.

How would I alter the above explode() code to include a bunch of
"identifiers".. for example:



Any thoughts?

Thanks a bunch!


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