You could use ODBC to do it. Create a template access DB, poulate it with ODBC, then read the file and send it to the user. After it's downloaded clear the table. the downside to this is that you would only be able to haev one user ata time get an access database. I'm sure there are better ideas, but this would work.

- Anthony

John A Davis wrote:
I'm trying to supply our Contract Counties with mailing labels, already formatted. They log on to our website and PHP will hit our SQL Server and return a list of Public Water Systems for the County chosen. I would like a link on this page that says something like "Send me an Access .mdb with mailing labels for these systems". PHP would delete whatever is in stock Access .mdb table somewhere on our system and replace the rows with newer, current ones, specific to the County chosen(same query that displays the systems in HTML). The Access .mdb that gets downloaded will have a "report" formatted for Avery 5160 labels, bound to the newer table that was filled. All they have to do is adjust their printer settings.

Does anyone have an easier way of supplying data formatted for mailing labels? If they do, I'm all ears(eyes). Since this is a "bonus" service, we don't want to have to have people involved providing this stuff to our counties.

John Davis
IIS State of Oregon
Drinking Water Program

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On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, John A DAVIS wrote:

Want to give the user the ability to download a dynamic Access.mdb file
that has a table and linked report formatted for Avery 5160 labels. Know
how to create all this stuff in VBA code, but not using PHP.

It is better to give too much information than not enough.

You are trying to generate a dynamic Access.mdb file on the fly, using
PHP? Or you are trying to deliver this already existing file that changes
sometimes with PHP? Or you are trying to do something else?

If the first option, where is your data coming from?

If the second, why are you trying to use PHP instead of just linking to
the Access.mdb file via the web server?

Peter Beckman Systems Engineer, Fairfax Cable Access Corporation
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