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> I've read the other posts and agree with them wholeheartedly - sounds like
> you actually should investigate using some sort of relational db, MySQL or
> otherwise. 
> However, if there is some major reason you don't or can't use a relational
> database, you may want to consider storing your flat files as XML and using
> a native XML database to store and query those documents. Tamino by
> SoftwareAG comes to mind. It's proprietary, expensive and I don't know if or
> how you'd blend PHP with it, but if you absolutely must use flat files, XML
> might help. 

While on the subject of proprietary solutions, some of you might like
to know that the Valentina database will shortly be available as a PHP

Valentina is rather unusual, coming as it does from its origins as an
embedded SQL database for things like Macromedia Director and
RealBasic, but it's maturing very nicely and is also available for
Java, VB, C++ and several other environments. In OO environments (like
RealBasic & C++) it has an OO API which is just great.

I already get speeds out of it well beyond what I can get with MySQL,
and it has a more useful SQL environment (foreign keys etc). I recently
built an essentially flat file with 20 million records recently and I
easily get searches in under 0.1 sec in Director (which is a slow
environment) on a P3/600 where the DB was 2x the size of available RAM,
and it has at least an order of magnitude improvement in development.

As yet it isn't client/server (will be in 2.0), but for the kind of
solution being discussed, it's really excellent, especially as it will
be running as a PHP extension, rather than as a separate server.

You can read more at BTW, I'm just a satisfied

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