i'm currently building a traffic analysis application for a website. it is
my first time working on such a project, so i'm not even sure if this would
be the best way to do it all, but here it goes.

what i would like to do is count the number of hits that go to different
sections of the site. i can think of two ways of doing this, although i'm
not sure what would be the most efficient.

option 1- i already have a table thast records each session on the site
(including browser type, time they entered site, referring page, etc). on
this, i could think of adding a field for each section of the site i wish to
log, and simply implement a counter each time they visit a certain section.
then when i wanted to analyze it i could use the mySQL sum() functions.
(because i'm really only interested in how many total visits to each
section, not who went where exactly).

option 2- having another table with a new row being created daily, and
fields with a counter for each section. then i would have the problem of
automatically creating a row each day at midnight though.

my other question is i'm worried about database size. i've been reading
posts on this board about mySQL goin to hell with over a million records.
this table is definitely going to eventually grow pretty large, but it wond
be accessed all that much (as it would just be for traffic analysis for the
two site admins every now and then). should i be worried?


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