Hi, hopefully someone can help me out with this..

I need to be able to copy text from a document, keeping carriage returns and white 
space chars, into a database and output the same to a web page.
I have a field in a mysql table of type 'longtext' into which i can load text and keep 
the white space and carriage return characters intact. 
I can output this field to a page using php in a similarly formatted way by using the 
<pre> tag in an echo statemnet : - 

echo "<tr><pre>$content</pre></tr>";

however, by using the <pre> tag all individual lines of text are printed on a single 
line and the sizing of my table is ignored, i.e. the text won't wrap. <pre width=20> 
for example doesn't work.

Is there a 'proper' way of doing something like this with php without relying on 
printing out html tags with the string?



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