Hi Jeff,

Just a question - why are you using ODBC instead of PHP's native
Interbase connectivity? ODBC is definitely slower.

I don't know anything about BLOBs under ODBC, but I could help you with
direct Interbase connectivity, which I use extensively (but not for text
fields - it makes it difficult and slow to search). 

Let me know if you need help with direct connection BLOB handling under
Interbase. I am using Firebird, not that it should make any difference.


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thanks for the correction, miles and martin.. just an email typo.

i still have the problem though. :(

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On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, Miles Thompson wrote:

> Jeff,
> Check your SQL. Shouldn't
> $sql = "insert into note_tbl
> (note) values ('${note}')
> where pkey = '45'";
> be UPDATE .... where pkey = '45' ?

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