Has anyone else had problems with the error "PHP has encountered an Access Violation 
at 098029AE" ...

It's talked about at:

The most frustrating thing is our ISP went above the call of duty to install PHP for 
me, and now his response is... well read for yourselves:

I read through all the stuff at php.net.  The long and short of it is this:
Nobody really knows what is causing the problem. 
It appears to be a problem with a dual-processor machine (which is what you're using) 
It is believed that 4.2.3 solves the problem (that is the latest version and the 
version we are using) 
Setting the security model to "low" on the site helps in many cases (doesn't eliminate 
the problem, just reduces how often it occurs)

Ergo, this has been my problem with "public domain" scripting languages such as PHP.  
There is not a single source that can be held accountable for ensuring a problem is 
solved.  It is the reason that we have standardized on CF, because when it's bad, 
Macromedia HAS to fix it.
All that being said, and consistent with our terms of installation, I will take some 
time to see if I can "trim up" the configuration and improve the situation.  However, 
because this problem crashes the server completely, if we can't find a resolution 
soon, I will opt to remove it from the system.
One of our key responsibilities is system stability and reliability.  Again, I'll see 
if I can modify the config to alleviate this, however, the php resource was very 
little help.

I'm pretty disappointed that this hasn't been fixed yet. Has anyone had any luck 
fixing it?

<>< Ryan

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