Once again I am posting a bit off topic, so tell me to go away if
this is bugging people...

        Thanks for all of the assistance so far in creating what will be a
completely automated user account request system.  I am now trying to figure
out the mechanics of the account approval process.  So far I have created a
set of web pages that allows a user to login and select systems from a
database populated list.  These selections in turn populate another database
table and include a timestamp as to when the request was made.  I am working
on a Perl script to query the database looking for new requests, and from
this an e-mail will be sent to the user's supervisor for approval.
        The area where I am needing more help is getting the supervisor back
to the approval web page.  My intention is to provide the supervisor with a
web link in the e-mail to take him directly to the approval page.  The
question is how do I actually make this occur.  I am pretty sure I can
figure out the Perl scripting to send the e-mail, but what is the URL that I
am having him come back to?  How do I create this new URL?  
        Any suggestions ideas or pointers would be most helpful.  Thanks
again for all the help and sorry for the off-topic post.

Scott Nipp
Phone:  (214) 858-1289
Web:  http:\\ldsa.sbcld.sbc.com

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