I'm trying to write the body of a plain text email to a MySQL database. 
However, nothing gets inserted into the body field of the table when the
following lines are executed.  I've echoed the $body string back to the
screen and nothing seems amiss.  All the other fields are inserted
correctly.  I've tried changing the field type of the body column within
MySQL, but that hasn't worked either.  Right now, the body field is a
TEXT column.

$body = imap_body($inbox, $x);
mysql_query ("INSERT INTO inbox (subject, fromaddress, toaddress,
ccaddress, date, size, unread, body) VALUES ('$subject', '$fromaddress',
'$toaddress', '$ccaddress', '$date', '$size', '$unread', '$body')");

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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