Please don't ban more for this example using VB, but this is how I did it a while ago in VB/ASP, generating and setting the RecID in one stroke. I assume you could just wrap this in PHP and it would work just as well.

strSQL="Select newid()"
RecID = objConn.Execute(strSQL)(0).value

Ryan Marrs wrote:

I do see that picking up the incorrect ID, which is why we created a stored
procedure which returned the affected row.

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But if there are heavy operations on the site, will this not also pick
up a different last inserted id, if in the split milisecond between the
insert and the next mssql_query which has the @@identity say, another
user does an insert?

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 11:03, David Elliott wrote:

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Hello Adam

On 21 November 2002 at 10:47:15 -0500 (which was 15:47 where I live) Adam
Voigt wrote

Using Microsoft SQL does anyone know how to get the id of the row that
you just inserted without clumsily trying to select the id back based on
the same criteria of your insert (which might be overlapping)?

select @@identity

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