hi Scott,

1. When you are using an insert where you dont want to use all columns:
use this:
$query = "INSERT INTO accounts VALUES('".$accnts[0]."',
(never have empty comma strings with nothing inside.)

2. Secondly, when you get errors, and you dont know where the error is
do this:
before executing the query,
print out the query on the browser (comment out the query execution code) 
and then copy paste the query from the browser
and then run the same in your mysql client, 
and you will know exactly where is the problem from the error generated.

Amit Wadhwa 
Dell International Services

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        I have an INSERT statement that I cannot quiet get working.  The
table that this data is being put into has 7 columns, but I only care about
putting in the data from the first two columns at this time.  The first
column is an array element, and the second column needs to be a timestamp.
Here is the INSERT statement:

$query = "INSERT INTO accounts VALUES('".$accnts[0]."', 'TIMESTAMP(10)', , ,
, ,)";

        Here is the error being displayed on the web page:

You have an error in your SQL syntax near ' , , ,)' at line 1
        Thanks in advance for the help.

Scott Nipp
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