Hi Jeremy,
Probably you don't have all of php installed; you can pick it up in
php.net and install the full php libs.
Or in your php ini file, the php lib path can be incorrect, well these
are just thoughts as I don't use red hat for some time (SuSE Forever).
Hope you figure it out,

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Subject: [PHP-DB] MySQL connectiviy

Hello all,
I'm new to PHP and would like to start using mySQL (or postgresql) but I
keep having one problem. 
In a php file i have a simple call to the function

but i constantly get the error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() 

MySQL support was installed with
This is the redhat 8.0 default. I guess it just can't find the function

Any pointers any one could give would be really appreciated.
Jeremy Wood

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