Hi there everyone,

I have a system I am programming, and each page needs to get various config
elements from a DB, of course this means lots of DB access for each page.
What I was wondering is, after the user has logged in successfully it
currently stores their email, name, address and a few other bits of data in
a session, would it also be a good idea to store other information in a
session at the very start when they login to ease DB access?  Are there
problems with having lots of data in a session?  Well when I say lots of
data, I mean things like font size, color, table images, background colors,
some normal text etc .... nothing like an essay or anything, just about
30-50 different variables.

Just want to make sure it won't slow my system down by doing this, or would
it speed it up because of less DB access?

Thanks for your help



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