I am having difficulty with the implode function. What I am doing is
building a string for an UPDATE SQL command. At the end of the building
portion of the code, I want to insert a comma between the various fields
that will be updated. However, it is not working. Here is a portion of my
code...thanks, in advance for any assistance received....

  $sqlUpdate = "SET ";
  if($image11_name != '') $sqlUpdate .= "image11='$image11_name'";
  if($image12_name != '') $sqlUpdate .= "image12='$image12_name'";
  if($textfield11 != '') $sqlUpdate .= "textfield11='$textfield11'";
  if($textfield12 != '') $sqlUpdate .= "textfield12='$textfield12'";
  if($textlink11 != '') $sqlUpdate .= "textlink11='$textlink11'";
  if($textlink12 != '') $sqlUpdate .= "textlink12='$textlink12'";

  $update = implode(",", $sqlUpdate);
  $sql = "UPDATE mp " .$sqlUpdate;

I get a bad parameter message on the line with the call to the Implode

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?


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