Hi list:

I've just moved over alot of new information into a mysql database and
am checking to see that members will
be able to log in under the new system.

I have a login  page checking an htaccess file.

The problem is, the htaccess file is only  letting some of the members
through, and denying access to others.

I am just sitting here copy-pasting member usernames into a login box
and watching while about 70% are accepted and
the rest rejected.  I can see no reason to the names that are reject: I
can verify the table field is populated with the
correct information (userid and passwd), and I am literally pasting the
logins in -- so no chance of typos.

I realize this is a vague statement -- but I can't seem to narrow any
more specific data here.

Here is the relevant text of the .htaccess file (i have 'blacked out'
the protected info here with 'xxx'):

AuthName   "Authorization Required"
AuthType   Basic
AuthGroupFile   /dev/null
AuthMySQLCryptedPasswords Off
AuthMySQLHost   localhost
AuthMySQLDB   xxx
AuthMySQLUserTable  Members
AuthMySQLUser   xxx
AuthMySQLPassword   xxx
AuthMySQLNameField  mem_user_id
AuthMySQLPasswordField  mem_passwd
AuthMySQLAuthoritative  On
require valid-user

Any thoughts?

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