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Greetings John

On 26 November 2002 at 18:54:04 -0500 (which was 23:54 where I live) John W.
Holmes wrote and made these points

>> This is OK for some simple trees, however it does have some limitations.
>> (1) Adding another tree / series of nodes into the middle if the set.

> Not if you can define what the absolute max size of a node will be.

Most of my applications I can not, and this is a limitation that I would never
want to impose on on my apps.

If you can then good.

>> (2) A child node that belongs to more than one parent.

> I give a certain company the node numbers of 6-5006. Now assign that left
> and right pair a unique id. Now you can have multiple people with that
> same ID.

I might have misunderstood you but sorry but this is a big no no in my all
my apps. Every item must have a unique ID. This is a fundamental basis of
all my systems.

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