i just read a benchmark on innodb.org....

that says under the "innodb vs MyISAM" section...

MyISAM is the default table type used in MySQL and InnoDB is a table type
supporting transactions in MySQL. I wrote a Perl program which inserts 100
000 rows to a table with 3 integer columns and two indexes. Then another
Perl program fetches each row either through a secondary index or the
primary key. The Perl programs for each test are at the end of this web
I ran the tests on a Linux 2-CPU Xeon 450 MHz. The times below are wall
clock times. The results were:

                          InnoDB            MyISAM
100 000 inserts            25 s.             40 s.

100 000 selects on
        primary key        57 s.             58 s.

100 000 selects on
        secondary key      68 s.             95 s.

Is this true? For regular inserts that seems cool - obviously transactions
would take a little more,
but hey, why bother with MyISAM then?


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