Hey all...

Here's one that really has me stumped. I have a Cobalt RAQ 550, with MySQL and PHP 4.0.6. I also have phpMyAdmin installed, for ease-of-use for our customers to set up their databases. This works pretty well, although I have found what I consider to be a bug with it but it does not have a bearing on this particular issue.

Now, the problem is that a non-authenticated (via htaccess) user does not seem to be able to parse anything from the databases, even tho the "'' user % host" user has select rights to that database. For instance, I built a small php script that does a phpinfo() and then a "select *" from a table in the customer's database. This file was placed in two places: in the root directory and in the phpmyadmin directory (which requires htaccess username/password authentication to get to). Here's the differences:

1. The select * data shows up in the phpmyadmin realm, but I get an error "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in /home/.sites/143/site2/web/testphp.php on line 13" at the root directory.

2. The phpinfo() shows the mysql section in the phpmyadmin realm but not at the root directory.

Does anyone have any idea why this is acting the way that it is? The Cobalt is a factory default installation (it's a SunCobalt), and is about 2 months old. There are no SunCobalt updates that I see that will affect this issue.

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas...


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