Simple solution, if you only have one or two tables: dump them in comma
delimited format and then use the LOAD command from the MySQL shell

Alternative: use the MySQL ODBC component and export from access to that
(it works like a charm if you use the latest version).

Either way should make it quite easy.

Hope this helps!

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On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 08:30, peter wrote:
> Hi,
> I am pretty much new to the field of php/mysql programming, however a future
> project of mine may involve the importing of a large database of products. I
> am expecting this database to be in MS Access form and am looking for
> solutions in advanced. Now the question, are there any methods for exporting
> from Access and importing to mysql (phpadmin front end). It has been a long
> while since I last used access, but the thought of using a macro to go
> through the results and out put them in a mysql argument form crossed my
> mind. Has anyone had a similar problem?
> I look forward to your reply.
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