So now the hacker has to guess 'whatever' and 'whatever', right? Why not
just use uniqid() and md5() to create a truly random unique id, so
there's no chance of "guessing right"...

---John Holmes...

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> Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Making field concat of autoincrement column and
> other values?
> I'm trying to make a customised session system (I could use PHP's
> built-in one, but I need a lot more control than it offers).  I could
> use the autoincremented id in a cookie, but it would be easy for a
> hacker to change the cookie to gain access to others' data.
> John W. Holmes wrote:
> >>I could concat when selecting, but it will be used in the where
> >>(it is neccesary to do it like this, I'm also md5ing it but forgot
> >>mention that), and I'm guessing it would be bad for the server to
> >>to concat and md5 in the where clause.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Yeah, I guess so. This all begs the questions though of why you're
> >all of this in the first place...
> >
> >---John Holmes...
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