PHP meant Personal Home Page to the guy who originated it.  Later people
then decided to get cute and have redefined it to mean Php Hypertext
Preprocessor.  Take your pick.

As for the max execution time, you're fine as long as the script completes
what it's doing within the allotted time.  If your query takes longer, then
you're hosed, so the best bet is to set the max execution for long enough
that you're in no danger, like 10 minutes.



"Radovan Radic" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi all
> (I post questions although i dont get answers, but i am trying. I must say
> dont give answers because i dont know much about php yet)
> I have problems with script exceedded time. Script is executing mssql
> procedure which executes about 5-6 mins. I need to execute it and then get
> results in the file, but i allways get error about max execution time.
> Customers wouldnt complain if script is executing too long if they could
> the results. I know i can set max.execution.time from php with ini_set().
> But, i think i have read in the manual, that this directive doesnt affect
> script execution time if script is running query. So even if i set
> max_execution_time to 6mins could the script break? Could someone explain
> to me.
> Radovan
> PS. What means PHP?

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