Here's the skinny:

I'm starting development on a small search application & need some input
on a small roadblock I've run into..

What I need:

 - Script needs to be able to search database for matching queries in a
specified column. (Ex: from a dropdown list the user selects "foo" and
types in "bar" for a query.. we need to return all results matching
"bar" from the "foo" column.) Pretty basic, with the exception of the
second part:

 - Depending on the column-to-search they select from the drop-down
list, I need to change the structure of the query. This is needed
because SOME queries will need to be structured to select all records
from a column greater than / less than (insert number here) as opposed
to a standard select * where 'x' like '%y%' type query.

I would LIKE to keep the code relatively clean & don't want to flood it
with tons of "if" statements if at all possible.. which is why I'm
asking for your help. Any thoughts on a simple way to accomplish this?..
anyone tried something of this nature before?

Thank you in advance! Please let me know if you need additional detail..


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