I have a form handler that I use that I wrote.  It works great, but I have
a problem.  I want it to save all the values from the forms when used with
PHP.  For example, I have a text box that is named "data[phone][1][number]"
and I want the form to be automatically filled in for me.  It works for the
first [] (ie data[stuff] gets filled in properly in my code).

Here's the code:

function displayText($name, $default = '',
                         $size = HTML_FORM_TEXT_SIZE, $maxlength = '')
        if (preg_match("/^(.*)\[+(.*)\]+$/",$name,$x)) $setvalue = 
$GLOBALS[$x[1]][$x[2]]; else $setvalue = $GLOBALS[$name];
        $default = stripslashes((empty($setvalue))?$default:$setvalue);
        if (!$maxlength) {
            print "<input name=\"$name\" value=\"$default\" size=\"$size\"";
        } else {
            print "<input name=\"$name\" value=\"$default\" size=\"$size\" 
        print " />";

How would I write this to support multiple brackets?  Basically it is the
preg_match line that does the "magic."

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